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Lucy Cameron
Wellbrook House
Wellbrook Hill
East Sussex, TN20 6HH
United Kingdom
  07714 740 307
  01435 872495
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If we had appeared on Dragons’ Den before working with Lucy we would have been taken apart by the Dragons for not knowing the basics of our financial figures, as well as the fundamentals required for running a successful business.
Now after 3 months of working with Lucy we would feel confident to face Deborah Meaden and the rest of the Dragons !”

Simon, Online retailer




“Employing an Action Business Coach has kept us focussed on key issues and has definitely helped push our business forward. It is surprising how far we have come and we have ambitious plans for the future…”

Murray, Signage Company


Sign 2000 won the Best Company in the South East Award in 2013, beating 100’s of entrants. Within 3 years the company has doubled it’s turnover and increased their operating profit by 2500




“Lucy has been a real boost, not only for my business, but for my confidence and business focus. It is all too easy when you are working on your own, to focus on the things you like doing and not on the things that you should be doing.  I was amazed at her insight into my business and also her enthusiasm to drive me forward. Lucy has most certainly been a real asset to my business.”

Marian, Photography Company

We are seeing great results in many areas of the company. Lucy’s knowledge and skills have assisted us to transform the way, as Directors, we plan and implement new ideas into the company. All our staff have taken the approach on board and are already reaping the rewards of change – there is certainly a buzz in the air as a result! We are all looking forward to continuing to work with Lucy and plan for the company’s future.

Nick , Electrical Engineering


I have successfully achieved all my goals and have renewed enthusiasm and commitment to progress both professionally and personally. The skills I have acquired will serve me well throughout my life and for that I will be eternally grateful to Lucy


Kuldip, Property Developer


It has given me confidence to grow my business and run my business is in a professional way. The approach is very practical and the level of support is excellent”

Stephanie, Hairdressing Company



“I would like to thank Lucy Cameron for managing to provide lively and thought-provoking business coaching despite the early start at her fortnightly ActionClub sessions. ActionCoach offer a range of business coaching services, but I find that the fortnightly classes are a good entrée into learning how to run a company successfully.The sessions are designed specifically with the small business owner in mind.They are well-structured with plenty of examples and supporting material, and there are opportunities to apply the learning to my own situation.

I also appreciate the chance to share the real-life examples from Lucy and the other ActionClub attendees.Lucy brings a wealth of business experiences to the table and applies her expertise to the business dilemmas under discussion.

I was very impressed with Lucy’s industry knowledge and her ability to motivate me to take the necessary steps to attain my goals and would be very happy to recommend her services.

Steve, IT Services Company



I’ve been attending ActionClub, a series of fortnightly business training sessions for the last nine months and can testify to Lucy’s skills as a coach and trainer. I’ve keenly observed her ability to deliver concise, relevant information to groups in a way that is engaging and fun. Her knowledge of business in general and self-motivation, and her ability to pass it on in an interesting way, have helped me to take my business to a place where I can grow it with confidence. I highly recommend Lucy to anyone looking for an effective, personable and knowledgeable business coach.

Ryan, Performing Arts Company

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